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Galaforce for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices, PC.

The Android versions of Repton 1 and Repton 3 are now available at the Google Play Store! Designed for Android phones and tablets, they each include a free introductory scenario (Intro or Welcome) and the option to play using modern or classic graphics.

Repton 1 AnimationTwo remarkable new Repton 1 scenarios, Mystic and
Challenge, are on sale today at our PC Online Shop.
Check out our new shop for Mystic T-shirts and mugs.

Repton 1 and Repton 3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
(including free versions) by ESZ Consulting: Apple App Store.

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PC Software

Galaforce Worlds

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Galaforce Worlds: now includes
new energy boosts, achievements
and 3-star rating features.

Click here for full game details

Galaforce Worlds Screen Picture

Repton's Mystic Challenge

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Repton's Mystic Challenge:
32 new intriguing levels for Repton 1.

On sale now at our online shop

Click here for full software details

Repton's Mystic Challenge Screen Picture

Repton 1

Buy NowFree Trial

Repton 1 is a fascinating, strategical puzzle game, described as
"the best game ever invented".

Can you complete Repton 1?

Click here for full game details

Repton 1 Screen Picture

Repton 2

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Repton 2 - our most eagerly awaited game so far! More game characters, features and puzzles!
"Best ever computer game." ... Patricia Wilmut

Click here for full game details

Repton 2 Screen Picture

Repton 3

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Repton 3 - the big Repton masterpiece!
160 levels including Prelude, Toccata, Finale, Around The World, The Life of Repton, Repton Thru Time plus 16 new levels!

Click here for full game details

Repton 3 Screen Picture

Repton Spectacular

Buy Now
Repton Spectacular - 112 new Repton levels and 36 bonus Reptology levels, plus special features including: Repton Facts and Figures.

Click here for full software details

Repton Spectacular Screen Picture


Buy NowFree Trial

Ravenskull - a magical quest full of puzzles and mystery, as reality blends with fantasy.

Now includes two large adventures!

Click here for full game details

Ravenskull Screen Picture

Repton 1

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Pipeline Plus - a cleverly designed adventure game, based around an intriguing futuristic setting.

Features two massive adventures!

Click here for full game details

Pipeline Plus Screen Picture


Buy NowFree Trial

Ricochet - detailed colourful graphics and animation; many characters, adversaries and puzzles!

"Superior Interactive's best game yet" ... Ian Rees

Click here for full game details

Ricochet Screen Picture

60-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you buy a Superior Interactive game from us, and you are unhappy with it for any reason, just let us know within 60 days of your purchase,
and we will give you a full refund.

Your orders are placed safely and securely through our online shop.

Please email if you have any questions.

iOS and Android
Galaforce Games

Galaforce Worlds Screen Picture

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:
iTunes Store Logo

Android phones and tablets:
Get it on Google Play

Android Software

Repton 1 and Repton 3 for Android phones and tablets are ready to play now at the Google Play Store

Android Repton 1 Screen Picture

Quote from 5-star review:

"Really enjoyable reboot of the best rock-and-diamond puzzler out there. The kids are always wanting their turn at it too. Highly recommended."

Get it on Google Play

iPhone, iPad and
iPod Touch Software

by ESZ Consulting

Repton 1 and Repton 3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are ready to play at the App Store (including free versions)

iOS Repton 1 Screen Picture

Quotes from 5-star reviews:

Repton 1: "Fantastic game.
Simply the best.

Repton 3: "Eggscellent!
A diamond of a game!

iTunes Store Logo

What do our customers think about our Repton games?

Here are some customer comments
(quoted with permission):

"This is the best game ever." ... Alison Stonyer

"Repton 2 - it's everything I had hoped it would be, and more!" ... Tim Gladding

"Repton 2 Rules OK! Best ever computer game ... even better than the BBC
... Patricia Wilmut

"Have just bought Repton 2. It's brilliant." ... Jonathan Holmes

"Repton 2 - thanks for a great piece of software as usual." ... Peter Van Ek

"Just wanted to say Dee and I love Repton 2." ... Marsha Kelley & Dee Meredith

"Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Just a quick note to say 'thank you' for Repton 2.
      It looks absolutely wonderful."
... John McElroy

"I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles/challenges in the Caverns Scenario [of Repton 2],
      I found them to be very addictive, there are some very well thought out puzzles,
      and some very cunning ones as well."
... Peter Van Ek

"I'm delighted with Repton 2. You really do write a good game. Well done."
      ... Dr Andrew Crawshaw

"Repton 2 - this is probably the best game I have ever played, I shall have to try
      bettering my times for the two scenarios until Repton 3 or something equally as
      good comes out."
... Martin Bailey

"It is a real delight to finally have PC versions of Repton 1 and Repton 2, the quality
      of both games is outstanding - a big THANK YOU to Superior!"
... Steve O'Connell

"Have now bought Repton 1 - it's very very good!" ... John Stringer

"I have Repton 1 (PC full version) and it is absolutely amazing, it immortalises
      Repton. You guys have done the game proud!!!!!!!!!"
... Steve Armstrong

"Repton is fantastic, thank you. My little boy likes him too, this is high praise
      indeed from someone into his PS2 and GBA SP."
... N.R.

"Repton is still the best game of all time!" ... Matt Cocker

"For me, Repton is the most addictive game I've ever played." ... Mike House

"Repton must be the best game ever on any platform." ... Kevin Smith

"I thoroughly enjoy the Repton games." ... Richard Quarrell

"Repton – the best game we ever played." ... Geraldine Dix

"Repton is a family favourite." ... Barbara Gibb

"Repton is the best game of all time." ... Peter Griffiths

"Repton rules!" ... Lee Barrows

"Repton is one of my all time favourite games." ... Simon Jones

"Wonderful game, classy through and through." ... Andrew Roberts

"Repton is the BEST game ever invented. Ever!" ... Tim Gladding

"Repton - it is still my favourite game of all time." ... Saire May

"Repton 3 rocks!!!" ... Chris Else

"Repton is the greatest classic of all times. It is a very special game." ... Gary Bodle

"Repton – the best PC gaming news I have heard in a long time." ... Greg Bateman

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for releasing the PC versions of Repton!!"
      ... Nick Hatton

"Repton is the greatest game ever in my opinion. It is easy-to-learn and utterly
      addictive. Every level brings a new challenge. A work of genius."
... Dominic Ford
Frederic Friedel, who runs Chessbase, is a great fan of the Repton games, and even produced a television programme showing his young son playing Repton. Frederic told us that some of the world's leading chess players, including chess grandmaster Dr John Nunn, are also very enthusiastic Repton players.

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Repton 1Repton 2Repton 3
Many new levels for the Repton games
and several more projects are under way ...
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Steve Giller remarked:"I'm delighted with the quality and level
of support for your products - and you can quote me on that." 

To sum up our games, Tim Wye kindly commented with these words:
"Great production values and pure gameplay goodness always." 

Phil Cole, who has purchased all of our games to date, enthused:  
"I'm continually impressed by the high quality of your products."

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