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How to Make Money from your Website or
CD-ROMs while Offering Great Software

You can offer your own special free trial versions of our games on your
website and earn 30% commission from each sale that they generate.

You can also simply link into our website (using your unique Superior Interactive
Affiliate Number
) or put the free trial versions onto your own CD-ROMs, again with
30% commission on each generated sale.

There are just two easy steps required:

1. Join the Superior Interactive Affiliate Program by clicking here.

2. After your application is approved, you can download your own unique free trial
versions of our games, or you can link to our website using your affiliate number.

Download links for your special free trial versions:

Please ensure that you replace 10000 in these links with
your own unique Superior Interactive Affiliate Number

Repton 3:


Repton 2:

Repton 1:

Galaforce Worlds:

Pipeline Plus:


You can also link directly to our website using the following link code:

Again please replace 10000 with your Superior Interactive Affiliate Number.

Superior Interactive Dynamic Banner

Here is an example dynamic banner that you can use on your website if you wish.

We will keep this banner up-to-date with our latest releases as they are published.

It's very easy to use: simply copy and paste the following text into the HTML of your webpage.

Then change the number 10000 to your own Superior Interactive Affiliate Number:

Superior Interactive Affiliate Program - Key Points

Free set-up: there are no charges or set-up fees for your online
application or participation in the Superior Interactive Affiliate Program.

30% commission paid to affiliates on the net purchase price of the
available software products. Commissions are paid monthly.

You will be entitled to promote any Superior Interactive software
product that is available for affiliate licensing.

Your own unique free trial versions of appropriate Superior Interactive
software will be provided. You can offer these versions on your website or
put them onto CD-ROMs.

Affiliate tips and information provided by Superior Interactive.

It is important that you read through the whole Superior Interactive
Affiliate Agreement
for full details before submitting an application.

Superior Interactive Affiliate Program - Showcase Websites

Here are two of our affiliates, featuring the Superior Interactive games:

Affiliates and Partners Ely Computers
Affiliates and Partners Addictive 247

We also have affiliate arrangements with BMT Micro.

Please click this link for full details:

BMT Micro

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