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Galaforce Worlds

Hints and Tips

1. Choose the control option that suits you. There are three options: the keyboard, a joypad, or the mouse. Try all three options (if possible) and determine which one suits your gameplay style.

I use the mouse as this suits me best, and I find the mouse easier to control the spaceship. My wife uses the joypad as she finds the mouse too responsive and the keyboard has too many keys for her, and my daughter prefers to use the keyboard as this is what she is used to.

Making the right choice for controlling the spaceship could make a big difference for you!

2. Use the pickups wisely.

I use the shield as much as possible and take every opportunity to top it up. I would only use the bomb disarmer as an alternative if I don't already have the shield.

When using any of the cannons, make sure to conserve your missiles when there are no aliens in your vicinity. The weapons counter only decreases when the weapon is used. When armed with the double cannon or the quad cannon, rather than holding down the fire button hit it repeatedly as this will spout out missiles much faster. This is most effective when there are a lot of aliens present.

Avoid collecting pickups without first shooting the box to see what it is. The anti-cannon is a pain!

3. Observe alien formations, particularly in the later worlds. It is better to hide from some formations rather than risk losing a life by attempting to clear that formation.

4. Find a "safe spot" for difficult formations. In the later worlds there is usually a safe(ish) spot where you can maximise your chances of survival. This may take several attempts to find - it's worth doing, and it's also worth remembering for each formation.

5. Be persistent. Galaforce Worlds can be frustrating! Sometimes it can be cruel, and sometimes the pickups can go against you. The more you play the tricky levels, the better you will become. As you build up your technique this will help you later in the very difficult final world, called Larnis.

When you play difficult zones over and over you will find that your skill develops rapidly. You can only conquer tircky zones by becoming familiar with them and getting to know the safe spots.

Completing each world (particularly the difficult worlds Zelluron, Wujoo and Larnis) for the first time is extremely satisfying, and is also a good indication of advancing skill.

6. When a known difficult zone is approaching, use earlier zones if possible to build up your armoury.

For example, you can leave one or two aliens in a repeating formation and wait for the pickups to fall, then move on when you have collected your choice of pickups.

This can be particularly effective in the third world, Wujoo, in the zones leading up to the final power alien zone.

7. Sometimes it is helpful to play back through your favourite zones as this often brings encouragement and enables you to "re-attack" any zones that may be bothering you.

8. Use the editor to create some of your own difficult formations for practice. If you have any particular weaknesses (for example, dealing with dropping aliens as in the start of Zone 3 of World 1), make a level that helps you practise against these.

9. Make sure you have plenty of practice at the zones leading up to the final zones in the third and fourth worlds, as the later zones (Zone 14 and beyond) are not accessible as starting zones. Remember when the difficult formations appear; you may have to play through Zones 14 onwards many times before you complete these two tricky worlds.

10. A good way to build up your score is by destroying as many "dropped" aliens as possible - for example, in Zones 2 and 9 of World 1. The aliens will disperse after a while, but this tip can help to boost your score considerably.

Good luck, commanders!

Come on - let's defeat the Magellanic forces together!

These Hints and Tips have been compiled
mainly by the game's skilful programmer Ian Rees,
together with a tip from the talented player Matt Davis.

2003-2011, Superior Software Ltd / Superior Interactive.  All rights reserved.

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