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Getting Started

Here are some tips for completing Level 1 (Welcome):

* Please do not read any further if you would prefer to work this out yourself.

1. Take all of the coins, treasure and fruit that you find as you move around. Various completion routes are possible, but we suggest starting your quest by moving to map location 07-03 and picking up Key C.

Ricochet Screen Picture

2. Collect Key D, which is positioned outside the castle at location 09-01. Then move left to 01-03, open Door D with the key you are carrying, and go through the teleporter.

3. Get the rusty sword at 02-06, dropping Key D.

4. Pick up Key A at 06-07 and drop the rusty sword here.

5. Go to 06-04 and open Door A. Collect the crown at 07-04, dropping Key A.

6. Take the crown to the pirate at 06-06. Pick up Key B at 06-05, dropping the crown.

7. Go through Door B at 03-02 and continue left to 01-02. Collect the hammer and drop Key B.

Ricochet Screen Picture

8. Go through Door C at 05-07 and continue left to 02-07. Pick up the anvil, dropping Key C.

9. Go to 06-07. Pick up the rusty sword and put down the anvil. As you move to the left, the hammer and rusty sword are used on the anvil creating a new sword.

10. Use the new sword on the guard at 02-01. Then move left into 01-01 and collect the hourglass.

11. Go to 01-03 and enter the teleporter to complete the level! Congratulations!

* There are two secret areas that are 'skidded' into (using the space bar); they are concealed by breakable tiles. These secret locations are reasonably obviously placed (look for the tell-tale cracks in the walls), and all of the treasure items are in easily collectible places on this level.

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