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Repton 2

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Repton 2, the eagerly-awaited sequel!

The challenge continues ... spirits, transporters, skulls, puzzle pieces, and now savepoints by popular request!

Three varied scenarios: Beginner, Message and Caverns.

Savepoints to enable players to save their game positions. There are two savepoints in Beginner, three in Message, and
14 in the advanced Caverns scenario.

An easy-to use editor for creating an unlimited number of new Repton 2 levels and scenarios.

You can include your own high-resolution colour images as puzzle pictures in your scenario designs! Make your own Repton 2 levels using appropriate pictures for your family and friends!

"Have just bought Repton 2. It's brilliant."

"Repton 2 - thanks for a great piece of software as usual."

"Repton 2 - it's everything I had hoped it would be, and more!"

Repton 2 builds upon the foundations of Repton 1 by including new game characters and additional objectives.

The extra game characters include spirits, cages, transporters, skulls, savepoints, starports and puzzle pieces. There are also guardian skulls; our hero Repton has to fulfil specific tasks to remove these skulls.

The puzzles are sometimes easy, often thought-provoking, and occasionally some may seem to be almost impossible. Our online
Hall of Fame is ready and waiting for successful players who finish the Message or Caverns scenarios!

Can you complete Repton 2?

PC System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 / Pentium II 300MHz or higher
32MB RAM / 8MB Graphics Card / DirectX 9.0 or higher

Visit the Repton 2 Hall of Fame

View the Repton 2 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
for extra information, hints and tips

Click these pictures
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Repton 2 Screen Picture 1
Collect the diamonds
and earth before
taking the transporter

Repton 2 Screen Picture 2
Spirits and skulls are
introduced in Repton 2

Repton 2 Screen Picture 3
More spirits, as a
meteor lands on the
planet's surface

Repton 2 Screen Picture 4
The map screen of
Message, Level 1

Recent Customer Comments (quoted with permission)

"Repton 2 - it's everything I had hoped it would be, and more!" ... Tim Gladding

"Repton 2 Rules OK! Best ever computer game ... even better than the BBC
... Patricia Wilmut

"Have just bought Repton 2. It's brilliant." ... Jonathan Holmes

"Repton 2 - thanks for a great piece of software as usual." ... Peter Van Ek

"Just wanted to say Dee and I love Repton 2." ... Marsha Kelley & Dee Meredith

"Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Just a quick note to say 'thank you' for Repton 2.
It looks absolutely wonderful."
... John McElroy

"I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles/challenges in the Caverns Scenario, I found
them to be very addictive, there are some very well thought out puzzles, and
some very cunning ones as well."
... Peter Van Ek

"It is a real delight to finally have PC versions of Repton 1 and Repton 2, the quality
of both games is outstanding - a big THANK YOU to Superior!"
... Steve O'Connell

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for releasing the PC version of Repton!!"
... Nick Hatton

"Excellent version of Repton 2, the best version so far."... Matthew Thompson

"Repton 2 is a very challenging game; it's the best game around."... Andrew Ives

"I'm delighted with Repton 2. You really do write a good game. Well done."
... Dr Andrew Crawshaw

"Repton 2 - this is probably the best game I have ever played, I shall have to try
bettering my times for the two scenarios until Repton 3 or something equally
as good comes out."
... Martin Bailey

"Repton is fantastic, thank you. My little boy likes him too, this is high praise
indeed from someone into his PS2 and GBA SP."
... N.R.

"I'm delighted with the quality and level of support for your products - and you
can quote me on that."
... Steve Giller

"I'm continually impressed by the high quality of your products." ... Phil Cole, who
has purchased all of the Superior Interactive games to date.

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