Issue 5
18 December 2003
Galaforce Worlds Launched Today

15% Discount to the End of December

Galaforce Worlds has been a closely-guarded secret, with only the developers and some trusted gamestesters so far seeing the quality and scope of this amazing game!

We believe it compares well with any space game of this type: superb graphics, gameplay and music, as well as versatile and extensive editing capabilities for creating your own worlds.

Some of the key features of Galaforce Worlds are:
4 alien worlds comprising 66 increasingly difficult stages, including homing missiles and asteroids zones.
24 different alien types plus 4 power-aliens.
Look out for the all-important pickups: there are double cannons, quad cannons, power cannons, anti-cannons, shields, mega bombs, smart bombs and bomb disarmers available as you advance deeper into the four alien worlds!
One-player mode and two-player team mode, where two players can simultaneously play the game, helping each other to defeat the alien hordes.
Superb atmospheric music two talented composers have created some of the best space music we have ever heard!
A very sophisticated galaxy creator and editor which includes: a formation editor, a pattern builder and a galaxy builder. The design possibilities are endless.

Programmed by Ian Rees, based upon the Galaforce theme by Kevin Edwards, this is not just a game of shooting and blasting. The game involves many choices of strategy - such as: how to specifically engage each alien wave in battle, which pickups to collect, when to use the pickups, and when to conserve them for handling the more advanced alien forces that you will encounter as the game progresses.

The Galaforce Worlds Hall of Fame is ready online now: we plan to show the Top 20 All-Time Highest Scores, and initially there is a minimum entry score of 50000; although the minimum score requirement will probably rise considerably as skilful players rack up higher and higher scores.

On the full version of Galaforce Worlds, we are offering you a special 15% discount up to the end of December, which is available when you enter your Superior Interactive Registration / Discount Code in the website's online shopping system.

The basic price with 15% discount is $16.95, and you can also pay in British pounds, Euros, Canadian dollars, or yen. The current discounted price is less than 9.95 in sterling.

Please take a look at the quality of the software for yourself: there is a free trial version as well as the full version of Galaforce Worlds available now from the Superior Interactive website. You can freely pass the trial version to your family and friends, put it on a CD-ROM, or place it on your website.

Here is an update on Repton 1, which was released at the start of this week. A couple of points to emphasise: the F10 key can be used to toggle between full-screen and windowed mode, and Repton's control keys can be redefined - simply click the key definitions on the Options screen. For example, you might like to use the Z and X keys for left and right movement.

Thank you for your feedback on Repton 1, which has generally been extremely positive, including the following customer comments (quoted with permission):
"Have now bought Repton 1 - it's very very good!" ... John Stringer
"Thanks for a terrific PC version of Repton." ... John M
"I have Repton 1 (PC full version) and it is absolutely amazing, it immortalises Repton. You guys have done the game proud!!!!!!!!!" ... Steve Armstrong

We are eagerly looking forward to your comments on Galaforce Worlds. One of the gamestesters commented: "The gameplay is such a frenzy; it is fantastic." Certainly the game does become frenetic when the advanced zones are reached, while the earlier zones provide a fairly gentle introduction to the game. Like many of the best computer games, Galaforce Worlds starts off easy and gradually builds into a major gameplay experience!

We hope you enjoy these new software releases,

Richard Hanson, Superior Interactive

Copyright 2003, Superior Interactive / Superior Software Ltd. All rights reserved.
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